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We live in an era where everything goes very fast, where most people do not take the time to relax. Your ritual: "subway, work, sleep" leaves you little room to relax.

And yet, your body needs to relax to restore balance. Indeed, when you are in a state of relaxation, that is to say free of muscle tension, the blood can circulate better throughout the body and thus irrigate enough your different organs.

As for your mind, in the agitation and stress, it becomes ineffective for lack of hindsight, it loses its overall vision.
Thanks to relaxation, your mind is much better able to synthesize the events it faces and the information it receives.
Little advices:
1) Find time to relax.
2) Try to control your stress.
3) Try to take a step back in your daily life.
4) Do relaxation exercises at your workplace during your lunch break for example.
Stress dans la vie.


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