Cushion of heating massage

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Cushion of heating massage



This accessory allows easing your muscles pains connected with stress or the anxiety.


Advantages of the product: 

- Use in car, in a plane, on your sofa for example.

- Easy to transport in your suitcase.

- To improve the quality of sleep.

- To relax your articulation.


Details products: 

Application: body.

Equipment: cotton.

Color: black.

Function: cushion of heating.

Size: 30cm * 19cm * 5cm.


Conceived with eight massage balls, with a maximum of rotation opposite, with the heating function.

Conceived with the mains adapter for the car, and it can be used at home or your office.

It massages your neck, your back, your legs and your body.

It has a security system to make sure the use.


Technical parameter:

Power: 20W.


Included pack: 

1 adapter for your car.

1 mains adapter.






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